Queens County

Queens County represents New York City’s largest of the five boroughs in terms of square milage, and the second largest in terms of population, with nearly 2.4 million residents as of 2017. Nearly half of the residents were born outside of the U.S., making it the most ethnically diverse urban area in the world.

In terms of crime, Queens County is fourth in New York City for overall crimes, and third in violent crime. The county has arrest records on the 32,860 total crimes committed, which represents 9,184 total violent crime, and 23,676 property crimes. For violent crime, Queens saw 50 murders, 495 reported rapes, 2,851 robberies, and 5,788 aggravated assaults. For property crime, there were 2,721 burglaries, 19,373 larcenies, and 1,582 vehicle thefts. Except for rape, which saw a 51 percent increase over 5 years, this represents an overall improvement for the county, with every other category coming in lower than in 2013.

  • The 114 precinct (which includes Roosevelt Island, and borders Queens Blvd, Northern Blvd, Woodside Ave, 81 St, the Brooklyn Queens Expy, and the East River) was the most dangerous in Queens, with 1,144 violent crimes in 2017, and 1,216 in 2018 as of October.
  • In 2017, the 115 precinct (which borders the Brooklyn Queens Expy, Roosevelt Ave, Grand Central Pkwy, and the East River) was more dangerous with 1,354 violent crimes, but has improved slightly with 1,266 violent crimes as of October 2018.


profile of persons arrested by specific age, sex - 2017

Type of Crime 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Murder 5964604750
Rape 254207468486495
Robbery 3,9943,2713,2702,9892,851
Aggravated Assault 6,4336,2586,0565,8345,788
Total Violent Crime 10,7409,8009,8549,3569,184
Burglary 4,7324,1913,3963,0562,721
Larceny 22,03021,43420,40019,45519,373
Motor Vehicle Theft 2,4112,6052,2701,9331,582
Total Property Crime 29,17328,23026,06624,44423,676
Total Index Crime 39,91338,03035,92033,80032,860
Provided by YS DCJS


Most New York public records, property records and more are available through the Office of the City Register, which “maintain the New York City public records for the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens.” They are searchable on the Automated City Register Information System (ACRIS) which can be found online, provided they are newer than 1966. Records from before that year need to be accessed at the City Register’s Office in the borough where the property is located. Older Queens property records are located at the Queens Business Center. They are open Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at 144-06 94th Ave, Jamaica, NY 11435 near the Sutphin Blvd - Archer Av - JFK Station.

Queens court records, arrest records, and police records are available in Queens County through the Supreme Court in Queens County, which is the 11th district of New York State, and part of the Second Court Department. The court serves as the highest authority for the County of Queens, and cases that are appealed from it go to the state level courts.

To obtain a certified copy of a supreme court paper, a search must be conducted. To conduct a search, you must first find an index number and a list of documents on file for cases that took place after 1992. You can find that information through the court's website, and using their built in search amalgamator. For cases that took place before 1992, you must view the court documents on microfiche: a form of microfilm arraigned in large sheets of semi-transparent paper that must be observed via a microscope. To search for these records, you must visit the court personally and request to look through these records.

A standard fee is applicable to search requests. A search request can be fulfilled for two years for $10, with each additional two year needed accruing $5. All cases are categorized by when they began rather than when they were finalized. To gain personal access to copies of court records, an $8 fee is needed for Supreme Court documents, and $10 for business or corporation filings. An exemplified copy is $25, and also represents a certified copy. This copy may take two to three days for delivery. There is  minimum $1.50 fee for the physical process of copying the files (65 cents per page). Payments should be made out Queens County Clerk, and can be mailed to the building, in the form of a certified check or money order. Please not this means that personal checks will not be accepted, and that a separate certified check or money order is required for certification of files.

Divorce decrees and records are available as well, but you must be a party to the divorce itself, or be of legal representation for one of the people involved in the divorce. You may also be granted access if you have a signed affidavit from one of the members of the divorce.

Visit the court building or call (718) 298-0609 for more details.