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New York IP Address Lookup

An IP address lookup is a process employed to obtain identifying information about a specific IP address. This information includes IP address details such as the internet service provider of the device, its approximate location, and any public information pertaining to the owner/internet user. This is within the provisions of the state’s statutes on the disclosure of New York public records.

Depending on the functionalities available on IP location databases, they will be able to provide users with their hostname, blacklist status, zip code, ISP, proxy, and others. A New York IP address search can be useful for tracking down individuals or retrieving pertinent information useful for cybercrime investigations in New York.

Is IP Lookup Legal in New York?

An IP address lookup is legal in New York except when used for criminal activities. Examples of criminal activities associated with IP address lookup include stalking a person via the internet, hacking a person's computer, blackmailing, cyberharassment, disrupting a person's access to online services, and more.

The New York Assembly Bill A2355 clearly outlines activities that amount to cyber crimes and their corresponding penalties. When committed against a child, the penalties are always higher.

What is My IP Address?

An IP address (Internet Protocol address in full) is a unique string of alphanumeric characters assigned to devices. In this case, the device could be a smartphone, desktop, laptop, IP cam, tablet, or any internet-enabled gadget. The IP address uniquely identifies a computer, and it is used by the computer to communicate with other computers over a given network.

The two main functions of the IP address are location addressing and identification over a network interface. Before the Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) addresses that are now in use, devices only used IPv4. The difference between the two is in the bit number: while IPv4 uses 32 bits, IPv6 uses 128 bits. Also, an IPv4 address looks like this:; while an IPv6 address looks like this: 2620:0aba2:0d01:2042:0100:8c4d:d370:72b4.

The need for IPv6 rose with the sporadic growth of the internet as it allowed a significantly higher number of addresses to be assigned to devices. IPv6 addresses also come with enhanced security and improved internet traffic. An IP address has two parts: the first part is the network ID while the host ID (also referred to as the address's node) is the other part. IP addresses contain numbers that are separated into parts by periods or colons.

The network ID indicates the network a given device uses while the host ID identifies the device that uses the network. In the IPv4 address above, for example, 5.62.52 is the network ID while. 77 is the host ID.

What Does an IP Address Lookup Reveal?

An IP address lookup typically provides information about the device assigned to the IP address in question and the network on which the device operates. A person should expect to see the following when they run an IP address lookup:

  • Information about the device, for example, the operating system, the screen size, and the device platform (android, Mac, iOS, etc.)
  • Geolocation of the device (country, state, city, zip code)
  • Information about the device's internet service provider (ISP)
  • Browser information such as name, proxy, version, etc.
  • Type of connection

Note that an IP address lookup can never reveal the exact location of a device such as a house number. Also, the information provided by an IP address lookup depends on the authenticity of the tool used.

How to Find My IP Address Location

Anyone can find the IP address location of their device either by searching any IP location database of choice or by using any of the numerous IP location search tools available online. The information obtained from these methods are approximate geolocations recorded against IP addresses on a database.

However, before running an IP address location search, it is important that the device they wish to check doesn't have a VPN running at the time of the search because the VPN alters the IP address of the device, giving it a pseudo-geolocation, thereby compromising the result obtained from the search. An alternative way of finding a device's IP address is through a simple search engine query like "what is my IP address?".

How are IP Addresses Assigned in New York?

New York IP addresses are assigned by the device's ISP because they are responsible for enabling the device to connect to the internet. The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority is responsible for the generation and allocation of IP addresses to ISPs. When a device seeks to connect to the internet, it first has to connect to the network (the device's ISP in most cases) which in turn, connects to the internet. Results arriving on the device from the internet also have to pass through the ISP.

All of this is possible only through the device's IP address. However, IP addresses do change. Turning a router or modem off can change its IP address, and IP addresses may also change with a change in location or when a person contacts their service provider and requests a change of IP.

An IP address may be manually assigned to a device by its user (static). Alternatively, a device may get assigned an IP address by a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) when they join a network. Without an IP address, devices won't be able to connect to the internet and the internet won't be able to differentiate between different computers.

How to Find Someone’s Exact Location with IP Address in New York

A New York IP address lookup which can be conducted using tools and services provided on the internet can provide a person's general location, but not their exact location. The ISP of the subject IP is the only resource with information about the IP's exact physical location, like a house number.

However, they don't disclose such information to the public. Exceptions are only made for the police and other recognized law enforcement agencies. ISPs readily give out information about a person's exact location if the requestor has been authorized by a court. If the target IP is located in a small New York town, an IP lookup may help narrow down the search and ease up the process. For larger areas, tracking an IP may be more difficult.

IP Address Tracker

An IP address tracker works by converting an IP address into its hostname and fetching all available information that can be linked to the hostname, including its general location. There are different types of IP address trackers, each varying with the amount of data and results they produce. They are:

  1. Basic IP address trackers
  2. Website analytics IP trackers such as Google Analytics
  3. Reverse IP lookup tools

To use an IP address tracker, an interested person must know the IP address of interest.

  • Once the address has been secured, the next step is to download the IP tracker software or app or visit any website with an IP tracker tool
  • On the main page of whatever tool is being used for the search is a space where the IP address of interest must be entered
  • Select 'Search' and wait for the results to be generated.

On the results page, there'll be other information such as details about the device. Scan through for the geolocation data, and with a reliable service and good internet connection, the process should be completed in less than 3 minutes.

Where Do I Conduct a Free IP Address Lookup?

Available online are many platforms that collate IP address information from several directories and databases and make them available to individuals who wish to look up IPs. While some of these sites are paid, there are many free ones. Below are some notable ones:

  • Whatismyipaddress
  • Bopup Scanner
  • Infobox Trinzic
  • BlueCat IPAM
  • GestioIP
  • IP Location

Can Police Track an IP Address in New York?

In New York, the police can track an IP address if a person is suspected of a crime. The police can also track criminals to gather evidence for investigation or presentation during a trial and approach the ISP of an IP address to get detailed information about a person with a court order.

Information retrieved from a service provider is usually more exact and may include the exact address or house number of the target IP address, its contact details, and the websites visited. This is only allowed if a person is guilty of a criminal offence or cybercrimes that led to physical harm, death, or loss of money (or properties) of another person.

How Many IP Addresses are There in New York

There are over 20 million IP addresses allocated to devices in New York. This figure steadily climbs with population growth as the total number of IP addresses in the U.S. currently sits at 1,541,605,760.

How Many Websites are Hosted in New York?

The total number of websites (domain names, particularly) hosted in New York is speculative at the moment. However, the US has more than 50 million hosted websites. This is also the largest number of websites hosted by any single country.

Notable New York IP Address Cases

There have been many debates surrounding the rules that govern how IP addresses are handled. Also, a series of cases have been filed in courts across New York regarding IP-related cybercrimes. A New York Times journalist, in 2017, uncovered an IP address, tipping off a big investigation in the process.

Courts have debated if they should (and the level to which they can) allow the unmasking of persons who make anonymous social media posts. An example of such a case is that between a petitioner and an anonymous Thomas J., which was filed at the New York Supreme Court in Nassau county. The said anonymous social media poster (Thomas J.) made a derogatory review about the petitioner's dental practice on "Thomas J" was the pseudonym used. At the final ruling, the judge granted the petitioner's request and directed the ISP (Cablevision) to provide information relating to the IP address to the petitioner.

New York Web Hosting Companies

A web hosting company is a company dedicated to providing clients with the necessary facilities needed for them to create and manage a website and also make it available on the world wide web.

When choosing a hosting company, important factors to consider are the customer support the company offers, the amount of traffic expected, uptime statistics of the company, hosting configurations, and available pricing plans among others. These are important factors that should help prospective clients make informed decisions about their choice of a hosting company as related to their budget and needs.

New York is home to some big names in the web hosting space such as Hostinger, Bluehost, Dreamhost, iPage, and HostGator. Sometimes, web hosting companies provide IP addresses for their clients.

What is IP Geolocation?

IP geolocation involves the use of an IP address to find the geographic location of the IP. This is different from a general IP address lookup as it only focuses on the physical location of the IP address. An IP address lookup, on the other hand, provides a broader range of information such as the ISP, proxies, platform type, etc. Information provided by an IP geolocation lookup includes the time zone, city, country, zip code, region, and longitude/latitude of the target IP address.

How to Find My IP Geolocation

Finding an IP geolocation is similar to conducting an IP address lookup. A device's geolocation is displayed during a general IP address lookup, but not as in-depth as an actual IP geolocation lookup. An IP's geolocation comprises every piece of information that communicates the location of an IP address when a person runs an IP address lookup or an IP geolocation lookup.

How to Conduct an IP Geolocation Lookup

To help facilitate an IP geolocation lookup are several tools available online, on third-party websites. There are other impressive IP-related websites that offer geolocation tools on their sites. Once a site has been selected for the geolocation lookup, the following steps may be taken:

  • If there's a VPN or proxy actively running on the device, it should be disabled because it can compromise the accuracy of the results
  • On the home page is a field where the subject IP address is required
  • After entering the IP address in the space, clicking "Search" will launch a search through the website's provided database for information about the geographic location of the target IP address, after which the results will appear on the screen. This usually takes a few milliseconds (depending on the strength of the mobile connection).

Where to Do a Free IP Geolocation Lookup in New York

Many IP geolocation lookup tools and websites offer free services. This includes Geolocation IP2location, IP Geolocation, and KeyCDN, which offer free geolocation services. However, a simple online search can provide a host of other platforms that offer free geolocation lookup.